Best Time of The Day To Post a Video On Your Real Estate Social Media

1.    The Peak Prime Time

Everyone knows that there is a peak time where the reach and audience are at the maximum level; why? Because most people are on their phones and have turned on TVs with their families, that enables videos and ads to reach their target audience in the best manner. Imagine,everyone sitting with their family and the advertisement for the beautiful house you are willing to sell appears, and everyone approves of it… who knows maybe they will call you and book the house right away?

Moreover, this prime time is when most sponsors are looking to sponsor so their brands and ads can be published and the reach is at its height hence maximizing their sales, brand name, and profits. So if you are thinking about the best time to post your real estate videos, then it is prime time you should be focusing on

2.    Peak Wake up Time

Most people in the USA wake up from 6:00 am to 6:30 am, which is the peak waking up time for people. Similarly, as mentioned above, 80% of smartphone users reach out to their phones as soon as they wake up - even before they open their eyes completely. It can be seen from the statistics that peak time is one of the best times to post your real estate videos to ensure that most people come across it and hence maximizing sales, reach, and revenues. Once they see something first thing in the morning they will remember it for the rest of the day about the amazing villa they saw!

The two times mentioned above have proven to be the most effective to ensure that your posts reach maximum reach; however, these are not it. Read below to find some more great times to post your real estate videos:

3.    6 pm Is When People Relax

6:00 pm is amongst the good times to post your real estate videos, as most people commute from their offices to home and scroll through their phones to pass the time and keep up with what's happening in the world. If you are someone looking for ways to maximize your revenues, then you can also post real estate videos at this time.

4.    Before Sleeping

Previously, people used to read books before bed; however, that has now changed, and people scroll through their phones now. Normally, people sleep from 11:30 pm to 1 am maximum. You can post at 11 pm, so most people come across your real estate ads and then go to bed, they will remember your real estate ad and your creatively curated videos!

Some tricks and tips are needed to maximize your reach; posting on one of thesetimes is one of the best ways to do so.

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