In 2021, Why it's not the Best Idea to Use “Generic” Videos from Libraries for Your Marketing

For Instance

Let's suppose viewers come to your site with this end in mind that they need a residence in a relatively quiet and well-established area with four rooms, a swimming pool, and a lawn.

When they see a very generic video on your website that doesn’t fulfill their needs, they leave the site. Because what they were looking for is not present on your website.

You would think, everything is on point then, why am I not getting clients. Guess what the answer is? Your website does not accommodate your customer with what they were looking for.

They’ll lose interest in your site, and you’ll lose a client—a significant loss.


This is the reason posting a generic video doesn’t help in 2021.

What Should be Done Now?

The video clenches visitor attention. To make your website eligible to earn you big money, make sure you make videos of estates, commercial properties, etc., and upload them on the respective sections of the website.  

We’re again emphasizing that video shouldn’t just be the normal one. It should highlight every part of the property plus the lifestyle of the surrounding area as well.

This will accommodate your visitors and make it easy for them to select what they want.

A good video on a landing page can boost the conversion rates to 80%. So what’re you waiting for?

Make Videos That Convert

Making well-structured videos that highlight every part of the property may seem difficult to some or all realtors, but it's not.

Several video-making apps are present outthere that you can utilize to make your videos. The ones we know are, ripl, viddyoze, etc., which helps to create outstanding videos and that too free of cost.

Bottom Line

We hope you have understood how important it is to make valuable video content for your real estate website. Therefore, do not waste your time; upgrade your website and boost your sales by uploading customized video content.