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0. Intro

What's the Momenzo School?

Hey there! Welcome to the Momenzo School, where we're going to teach you how to create awesome listing videos all by yourself. We know you're not looking to become a professional filmmaker, but just want to feel confident and comfortable creating your own videos.

1. Equipment & App

Which gimbal to use?

When it comes to listing videos, you can consider three popular options: DJI, FeiyuTech, and Zhiyun.

DJI offers compact and portable stabilizers that are great for travel or on-the-go shooting. FeiyuTech is known for its affordability, with options that offer longer extension and versatility for various shooting situations.
Zhiyun, on the other hand, offers larger and more robust stabilizers that are ideal for heavier cameras and more professional use.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.

How to balance your gimbal?

Balancing a gimbal is crucial for smooth footage and requires practice at home before using it on a shooting. Most gimbals have similar balancing methods and a tripod can be helpful.
It's recommended to practice balancing for three minutes for efficient use on shooting

Which mobile App to use?

There are three solutions for recording listing videos: using a gimbal's built-in application, recording with Momenzo App, or recording with the normal camera app on your phone.

Gimbal applications can be technical, so they may not be recommended for everyone. Momenzo App is simple to use and has a timer feature for getting into position
Recording with the normal camera app on your phone is recommended

2. Shooting Techniques

Important before starting

When arriving at the property for shooting a listing video, ensure the property is well-lit and clutter-free by switching on lights and opening curtains, asking the owner to remove personal objects.
Familiarize yourself with the layout, plan your shots, and consider capturing both indoor and outdoor areas.
Remember the importance of the first few seconds of the video in capturing the best features of the property right from the start.

What to show in a property

When recording your listing video, aim to capture at least five nice shots. Start with an intro shot outside, then showcase the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Use a mix of cinematic and movement shots to create an immersive experience for your viewers. They are great for highlighting features, while movement shots help transition between areas.

What is a cinematic shot?

Cinematic shots are around 4-5 seconds. Use close-ups for impact, move smoothly and include interesting objects for visual interest. Start with hidden views and reveal elements gradually. Practice movement shots for smooth camera motion to immerse your viewers.

4. Make a cinematic shot
5. Make a movement shot

Record without a gimbal?

To capture quality shots without a gimbal, you can try some techniques. One option is to hold the phone in your fingers and move it side to side for smooth shots. Another tip is to minimize movement or walk carefully to avoid vibrations.
It's possible to capture smooth shots without a gimbal, but you need to be cautious and practiced in your movements to achieve good results.

Professional gimbal tips

Master your gimbal skills with these tips! Learn how to control the camera's movements by using just a few fingers, and create smooth cinematic shots. Take your gimbal on holiday and play with it to get comfortable. Level up your filming game now!

Why commented shots are important?

Learn how appearing in your videos creates connections with your audience on social media. Establish credibility as a real estate agent by showcasing properties and yourself. Humans are stronger than logos, so make sure to add commented shots for a personal touch. Level up your real estate game with this powerful technique!

Best practice for commented shots

Connect with your audience on a personal level with a selfie-style video, creating a friendly and relatable vibe. You can also ask someone else to record you with a gimble for a more professional touch. Finally, get creative with unique angles by using the gimbal on a table, allowing you to use hand gestures while speaking.

What to say in a commented shoy?

You are the key to making a powerful commented shot for a property video! Introduce the property, tease with something special, and bring value with specific details. Don't just show the obvious, make it interesting and enticing. Be the real estate agent that viewers want to work with in the future. You hold the key to creating an engaging property video!

How to make a voice over?

Don't want to be on camera? No problem! You can still create a compelling property video by using a voice-over or writing caption text comments. Your voice or words will connect with viewers, adding credibility and creating a strong connection. Find your unique way to tell more about the property, even behind the scenes!

How to organize a good listing video?

Elevate your real estate listings with Momenzo App! Be the director of your own listing video and captivate potential buyers with stunning visuals. Create an unforgettable intro shot featuring your logo, blend cinematic and movement shots to showcase your property, and keep viewers engaged until the very end. Get creative and make your listing video stand out with Momenzo App!

When should I record vertically or horizontally?

When recording videos for real estate, you should prioritize horizontal shots as they are ideal for long video tours and YouTube uploads. However, vertical shots are also important for social media, so spend about one-third of your time recording them after the horizontal shots. This balanced approach will ensure you have the best of both worlds to create engaging real estate content.

3. Editing & Social Media


Join us for the third part of our real estate video series! Learn how to organize and edit your footage with the Momenzo App, choose the right format for social media, and get insider tips for sharing your videos effectively. Discover the secrets to impressing your clients with stunning real estate content.

How to organise your shots inside your library?

Learn how to organize and edit your shots using your phone without the Momenzo app. Watch as we show you how to play with exposure and shadows, create a new video clip, and save it to a new album. Get ready to edit like a pro!

2. How to edit your videos in 5 min?

Which format to use for your social media?

Whether you're creating content for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, Momenzo has the perfect fit for your videos. From landscape to square to portrait, choose the format that's right for your platform and audience. With customizable options like titles and full-screen display, your videos will grab attention and make an impact. Don't compromise on quality or style - unleash your creativity with Momenzo App

4. Be more visible on social media

How to send a video to a client?

Ready to impress your clients with high-quality property videos? Say no to poor quality WhatsApp compression and choose the best way to share your videos. With your YouTube channel and Momenzo App, you can maintain video quality, easily share via email or WhatsApp, and ensure compliance with platform guidelines. Elevate your video sharing game and make a lasting impression.

4. Conclusion

The five most important tips

In this video, you'll learn the top 5 tips for creating amazing videos. From using a gimbal for stability to choosing the right video format for social media, you'll get advices you need to take your video skills to the next level.